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Марущак Ярослав Юрійович
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Мазуренко Леонід Іванович
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Дорошенко Олександр Іванович
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Щур Ігор Зенонович
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The Organizing Committee invites You to participate in the XIX th international science-technical conference

“Problems of automatic electric drive. Theory and application”.


July 26, 2012 a meeting of the Editorial Board

More information at the page "Editorial board meeting"



Conference program


Main conference topics

  • Theory of automatic electric drive;
  • Modern electric drive systems;
  • Energy-saving by the means of electric drive;
  • Automation, simulation and optimization methods
  • Neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic in electromechanics
  • Diagnostics of electromechanical systems
  • Training electromechanical specialists
  • Life and job safety in Electromechanics

Conference operational languages

Ukrainian, Russian, English, German

Conference fee

Administrating fee of conference participant is 700 UAH that includes journal with reports and informational materials publishing expenses, mailing, administrating and technical supplying.

While two or more reports publishing, the advance payment must be increased at 200 UAH for each report.

If report’s volume exceeds legitimated size, every additional page of a report increases administrating fee at 70 UAH.

If it is impossible to attend conference personally, you can publish a report and get an issue of a journal (it costs 350 UAH).

One day of living costs about 200 UAH (depends on living conditions)


17-22 september 2012

Boarding house «Energetic» Mykolaivka, Crimea

Price and conditions


Choose the language

Ukrainian (UA)Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)